About Us

The group of companies "A&T" - LTd. "Automation and Technologies" and LLP "Automation and Technologies - Service" has been developing and implementing automated control systems for technological processes and production (APCS) in various industries since 1996.

Having rich experience in solving problems and tasks in the field of automation, as well as having highly qualified personnel with deep specialized knowledge, "A&T" solves the most difficult tasks of modernization, reconstruction of existing and construction of new enterprises in terms of automation, power supply, automatic fire alarm systems, security alarm, video surveillance and automatic fire extinguishing.

Our company carries out a full range of works to create control systems for technological processes and production:

When creating an automated process control system, the most modern and effective technical solutions in the field of control of technological processes and production are used, based on the widespread use of software and hardware complexes based on microprocessor controllers, distributed industrial networks and SCADA-systems and modern field-level sensors and actuators. Systems developed by Automation and Technologies LTd are equipped with high-quality equipment from both Kazakhstani manufacturers and leading global manufacturers: B&R, Siemens, ABB, Schneider Electric, Rockwell Automation, Emerson and others.

Due to the high reliability of the created systems, using high-quality equipment and internal multi-stage strict control of the production process and compliance with advanced technologies, over the years of work we have not received a single complaint from our Customers.

The functional capabilities of the systems being created cover the collection, processing, display, storage of information, as well as functions of remote control, automatic regulation, emergency protection and safety interlocks.

In the process of design, construction and adjustment of systems, the A&T group of companies has gained invaluable experience in managing the following technological processes:

Among the customers are enterprises of the following companies:

Automation and Technologies LTd. is ready to discuss any projects and expresses its sincere interest in cooperation with you.