Automation Studio 4


B&R Automation Studio 4 is the ultimate tool for machine building and systems engineering. Through its sustainable and efficient approach to software development, it will help you keep your quality up, your engineering costs down and your time-to-market short – even in the face of ever-increasing product complexity.

Automation Studio 4


A single uniform programming tool for every aspect of an automation project minimizes training needs, solidifies overall integration and eliminates communication problems between engineering disciplines.


Cut development costs

Save time and money by starting software development before the hardware is completed, reusing software modules across multiple projects, validating functionality via simulation and carrying out commissioning module by module.

Reduce lead times



Accelerate time to market with automatic code generation from machine simulations, utilization of configuration data from electrical engineering software and efficient collaboration supported by breaking down software development tasks into modules.

Improve reusability

System-supported, fully graphical hardware configurations and software modularization at every level facilitate the development of machines and systems that take advantage of pre-programmed technology components.



APROL system software and X20 system automation components are constantly stepping up to new challenges in manufacturing, process and building automation, with countless successful applications all across the world

Limitless scalability


Complete scalability ensured: from single-node to large-scale systems, APROL can adapt to any requirement. Whether it's a lab system with a small number of I/O channels, a demanding technical system or even a extensive production facility, this process control system can grow right along with the system.




Controller Redundancy

Implementing high-availability systems with real CPU redundancy has often been considered to expensive to implement. Now, however, B&R is making high-availability systems much more attractive by reducing costs to previously unheard of levels. The CPU is the heart that makes redundant automation possible; if this essential yet complex component fails, it can have extremely dramatic consequences.


Functionality independent of system size

Regardless of the size of a system, the user has access to all APROL features without modification in any way. This ensures that users can always count on a familiar environment.


Several project engineers can work in a team on the same project without having to worry about access conflicts. Configuration data is stored centrally on the engineering server.