PLC systems

cpu1 High-speed precision of open and closed loop control for machines and systems – at an attractive price. B&R eliminates this seeming contradiction with the high degree of scalability of their control systems. This makes it possible for B&R to cover all requirements with a single platform – from the smallest controllers all the way up to CNC, robotics and process control applications. What's more, this platform can be programmed and configured – regardless of the hardware being used – with Automation Studio. This compatibility reduces development costs while at the same time protecting investments made throughout the entire life cycle of the machine.



Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

With hardware up to and including Intel® Atom™ CPUs, theX20 system covers the entire performance range. This system is extremely compact and highly modular as a result of its unique "slice" system design. Perfectly integrated fieldbus connections provide the highest degree of freedom for decentralized machine and system concepts.



Panel-based control


 Control, motion control and HMI combined in a single device. That is what distinguishes the Power Panel family. The performance range, including the Intel® Atom™ platform, can easily cover even the most complex robotics and CNC applications. Operator panels with a wide range of display sizes, touch screens and/or keypads are available.



Mobile and outdoor applications

With the X90 mobile control system, B&R offers automation solutions designed specifically for the critical ambient conditions often present in commercial vehicle and outdoor applications.


Panel-based control



 PC-based controllers use industrial PCs from B&R as their hardware platform. Box PCs or Panel PCs are the main options here.